How to Check If You Have a Warzone Shadow Ban

There are times when Warzone players suddenly find themselves unable to join normal lobbies because of what Activision calls a Shadow Ban.

Players get placed into lobbies with other suspected Warzone cheaters while Activision conducts a review of their accounts during a Shadow Ban

This keeps players away from normal communities and allows Activision to have more time to obtain proof of cheating.

To find out if there is a Shadow Ban on your Warzone account, you’ll need to

Make your way to the official Activision Support Appeal a Ban page. Log in using your Activision Account that is tied to Warzone.

If you fall under the “Account is Under Review’ category, then this means that you currently have a Warzone Shadow Ban.

To fix your Shadow Ban in Warzone, you can contact support and talk to someone to try and get a handle on the situation and provide proof that you are in no way cheating.